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Residential Painting

Jeff Milbauer Painting has helped countless residential owners in the Erlanger area make the best of their living spaces by offering professional painting services. From applying the first coat of paint throughout a newly constructed home to redecorating a house in need of a makeover, you can always count on Jeff Milbauer Painting's experience to make your Erlanger painting project a quick and painless affair.

We make sure the surface is properly prepared and ready to paint. We also scrape, sand, and prime where needed, making sure to caulk all cracks. We take extra care around sensitive shrubs or flowers.

We also prepare and stain decks.

Residential Painting

Interior Painting

We remove all electric receptacle plates, have plastic, drop cloths and tape machines to protect your belongings. We repair any damaged drywall or plaster. Prime and repair areas that need primed, and professionally paint all surfaces.

Colour Layout With Paintbrush

Painting and Wallpaper Removal

Once you have chosen your colors and textures, our professional painters will quickly and efficiently transform your space according to the pre-established design you have selected. You can expect their work to be of the highest quality: clean lines between walls and ceilings and evenly applied paint. One of our specialties is wallpaper removal. Our trained and skilled painters have plenty of experience in removing wallpaper and can do the job professionally and efficiently. We will ensure that any hole or imperfection in the walls to be covered with either paint or wallpaper will be properly plastered and sanded, then thoroughly cleaned before any paint is applied.

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Ceiling and Walls Repair

We offer ceiling and wall repairs for those clients who wish to freshen up a room but do not necessarily require the whole space to be painted. Holes and cracks in your walls and ceilings are unsightly and often make a really nice room look old and poorly maintained. Damage resulting from nails, water leaks or simple wear and tear can easily be repaired by filling them up with plaster, sanding then painting over them with a paint matching the one originally on the wall, which makes refreshing a room both cost and time efficient, with little inconvenience.

Wall Repair Image
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